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What is the activation process?

1. Take a photo of your passport with your phone.
2. Off WiFi but connect to 4G/3G with Singapore Telco signal.
3. Go to mobile website with your phone ''
(Activation has to be done with your mobile phone, not with PC or laptop.)
4. Choose your language
5. Tap on 'Apply Now' and 'T&C'
6. Fill in all information needed; Phone No. and SIM No. etc.
(Phone No. as 11 digit written on the SIM card cover and SIM No. as last 3 digit shown on the SIM Card Cover.)
7. For 'The Date Of Entry', input correct arrival date otherwise SIM card will be suspended.
8. Upload your passport photo you saved on the phone photo album. It has to include all details like entire first page with clear photo and bar code. (Passport photo has to be in jpg/jpeg format. If you take a photo from phone, it is jpeg.)
9. Tap on Next then you will receive notification email soon.

Mobile U
**Approval for self-activation is done between 4pm and 7pm (SG time) daily.
**You shouldn’t copy & scan to upload your passport or take a photo of PC monitor to use photo saved on PC.

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